my story is positive.

Mental illness is not automatically negative.  My journey and my story is and always has been very positive.  I may have had some awful experiences and awful times in my life, however I actually see my story as positive.  I find sometimes people associate negativity with mental illness, and I think that is the firstContinue reading “my story is positive.”

there is a story behind why i love running and golfing.

Before you start any new fitness regimen or any new sport, please talk to your doctor and/or health professional. When you are so lost and you don’t think or know what will happen to you or if you will ever be okay again, you would probably latch on to something that makes you feel better. Continue reading “there is a story behind why i love running and golfing.”

maybe the universe wants to know what I am made of…

I usually write my blog posts based on the universe.  I usually listen to the universe and write based on what I feel and think at this moment in time. I always think that maybe God and the universe wanted to know what I was made of.  I sometimes wonder, why did I deserve this.  Continue reading “maybe the universe wants to know what I am made of…”