a little bit about me. part 2.

A little bit more about me… I am naturally very shy. Have been since I was a kid. I love debates.  I debated in university in some courses.  I loved hearing different opinions and looking at situations with a different set of eyes.  Seeing someone else’s point of view. I believe two theories can beContinue reading “a little bit about me. part 2.”

what schizophrenia means to me

My illness means so much to me.  Schizophrenia means surviving.  It means pain and joy.  It means strength and weakness.  It means struggle and resilience.  It means loneliness and compassion.  It means overcoming and thriving.  My illness means nothing and yet everything.  In some ways, to me, it means to live. We are given lifeContinue reading “what schizophrenia means to me”