survive and thrive

I never thought I was supposed to survive that night in my dorm room. I just recently started sharing this. I was given a second chance at life, be it difficult.

That experience changed me. I would say in a better way. Even though I struggled in the years after, I grew. I likely have a lot more growing left to do, but I am open to it.

I was given a lens to look at the world. This lens is very unique, maybe like me. It’s sometimes good and maybe sometimes bad. It’s a difficult lens that my experiences in life built. It sometimes protects me and sometimes doesn’t, but that’s okay.

The lens made me strong, not all days though.  

Do I get sad. Yes, everyone does.

Do I get mad. Sure, don’t we all.

Do things hurt me, all the time.

But in the end, I know that I was given another chance here. I may take it for granted some days, but hopefully I don’t most days.

For many years, I did not thrive and appreciate this chance. Which in hindsight was understandable as I was battling an illness. I did survive though. And sometimes that’s all we need to do to get through each day.

I feel like I am thriving now, be it imperfectly.

Some days though, I honestly am just surviving, and that is definitely okay, for all of us. Thrive some days and survive others, and never, ever forget the imperfect of life might be the most valuable.

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