no one is responsible for me

I saw a post on a social media platform – it was about how you know who people really are when you are struggling, those who will stay and those who will go.

As someone who has struggled deeply, I don’t fully understand this. In healing, you realize that you are no one’s responsibility.

No one was responsible for me or taking care of me when I was ill.

I was mad and hurt at first at those who were distant, and sometimes it’s hard for me to trust people now, but I would never say that the people who left were not good people or that they did not want to help me or care about me. I believe people want to help but sometimes they do not know how to or what to do, that includes me too.

You can’t expect people to take care of you and until you truly heal, you may never understand this.

And support is needed, I definitely needed support in the beginning. However I am always of the belief that I was responsible for figuring out my recovery. Not my friends. Not my family. They were part of my story but not responsible for me.

What I can tell you, is sometimes people leave because it’s hard, I went through it and it was a lot, trust me.

You are not a bad person if you do not understand how to help someone or if you need to set a boundary. Sometimes I direct others to resources if I need to set a boundary or if I am unsure of what to do.

What this post reminded me of is that our world needs to heal. The problem is, I don’t think we think we need to heal.

Maybe once we do, we see things as they truly are.

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