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Since my recovery, I have talked about my illness openly. Why you ask. Well I’ll explain in this blog. Born and raised in Hamilton, Ontario. I’ve never been married, and after talking with everyone who is married, they recommend I stay this way. No kids. Lot’s of independence. Yes I can change my car oil and washer fluid on my own (I usually get the car service person to do it for me though as it’s included in the service). I’ve learned how to live this life independently and I am extremely happy. I love my life.

Yes I have schizophrenia, obsessive compulsive disorder and anxiety, and maybe disordered eating, however I have learned to live a pretty good life and manage my illness(es). Is it perfect. Definitely not. But whose life really is?

I have a chemistry degree and an applied mathematics degree. And I currently am an MBA Candidate.

This blog will tell you everything you need to know about my illness and my recovery. I suggest you discuss any and everything you read here with your doctor or health professional and/or fitness professional before doing anything. I believe everyone can live a good and decent life with a mental illness. I think one reason why my recovery has been so successful is because I have been open from the beginning. I started to speak openly as I recovered and I think I felt some sort of acceptance by speaking about my illness and my experience.

I believe in every movement and stay neutral, you can call me mad, you can say I have a lived experience, you can say anything about my illness, just remember everyone, no matter what you call them, really experienced a mental illness, and their story matters, no matter what you call it.

Never give up. I didn’t give up on myself, even when it seemed unthinkable, I never gave up and I don’t think I ever will. Be kind to everyone you meet, no matter what. This world is already so awful, do not make it worse for anyone. And do not judge. The only character I am worried about is my own, worry about your own actions and character. I do not need to be judging anyone else because I have enough to figure out on myself.

In my life and my recovery, I try to be a good and decent person. I am definitely not perfect and make so many mistakes but I hope I get points for really trying.

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