last two years

We need to continually work on ourselves. This is a concept that people sometimes miss. And when talking to people I sometimes see it a lot.

The past two years I have been doing intense work on myself both professionally and personally, and will likely never stop.

I don’t have many really difficult days anymore. I do cry here and there, but I’ve learned tools to acknowledge my emotions and sit with them, then let them go.

Bad emotions are very normal. I think or feel we think we aren’t supposed to have them. But we do. And understanding yourself well enough to know how to handle them is a very difficult process, which always won’t be easy or perfect.

We are not perfect. And you should never be expected to be perfect.

Life will come with so many amazing moments, but also so many not so amazing. All of it, if you think about it, is what makes it so awesome.

Flaws are what make us who we are. And sometimes those flaws are the best part about us.

We do learn from the imperfect more than we do from the perfect. We forget this sometimes.

One thing though, you need to be open to understanding that perfect does not exist. And also open to acknowledging the learning from the imperfect. Until you sit with both, growth and even balance will never actually occur.

Balance is attainable, however it is also imperfect. We are not going to have flawless balance in all we do and in life. Actually understanding this is part of our growth.

Oh, and lastly, have fun with your flaws and the imperfect.

Acknowledge. Sit with it. Cry about it. Feel it. Let it go. Laugh about it. Move on. Then maybe smile and laugh a little more…

7 thoughts on “last two years

  1. Samantha, wow !!!
    What an amazing post about our lives in general and you are so right about balance, being perfect and imperfect, having experienced life a little longer your wisdom about life is amazing and bang on.

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  2. The road to perfection is paved with imperfection!

    Thank you so much Samantha for being who you are, you are authentic and genuine in your thoughts and actions.

    Your words of wisdom delivered with your kind heart are simply an inspiration and joy to read!


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