do i know anything

I have learned in my journey. With all the amazing and all the awful, I do feel I have learned. Yet, I have not learned too. Sometimes I think I have this place figured out. I feel smart, wise and knowledgeable or people tell me I am.

Most days though, I feel like I haven’t got a clue. I am okay with this though. Being smart, wise and knowledgeable is all subjective in my opinion.

I take advice and give advice. Yet I always say, I could be wrong when I give that advice. And sometimes I even prefer people figure it out on their own. I am of the belief that if you do something for someone or try to teach them, they actually will never “get it” until they experience and apply it.

I acknowledge that my advice comes from my perspective, just like the advice I take comes from another perspective. It could be right to the person giving or even taking, but possibly irrelevant to the person taking it or giving it – I know you think that might not make sense, but advice given is sometimes not actually taken by the person giving it.

Many people think I am smart. I do not think I am. I don’t feel very wise or knowledgeable most days. Maybe because I believe in continual learning and growth and that I will never truly be enlightened.

I believe people who think they have figured out this place, haven’t, and are exclaiming a meaning of life with no true meaning. If you experienced the fifteen somewhat good years I experienced in my life, you would probably think this way too – I am a little skeptical but also very hopeful for meaning.

I listen to everything that is given to me and try to apply it, sometimes I succeed and sometimes I don’t, but I do try and for me, that is what matters. Not the actual doing but the mindset of always trying.

I hope with all this trying that I figure something out someday.

5 thoughts on “do i know anything

  1. Interesting post, Sam.
    Smart, wise, knowledgeable, those are attributes with no limits. Following that they have no limits, one can’t possibly have things figured out, or get it, all of the time. Perhaps living a fulfilled life includes consistently pursuing growth in those attributes until one takes their final breath?
    That said, we all have it in us to show flashes of how we’ve developed those attributes. Bonus marks if we can help others when we share what we know or a tidbit of wisdom.

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  2. Beautiful post 💕 It reminds me of Plato who many called the wisest man alive but who always said, “I am the wisest man alive, for I know one thing, and that is that I know nothing.”

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