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If you are in Canada, click here to purchase Embracing Schizophrenia locally and directly from me.

You can also purchase on Amazon.

For 2022, and possibly longer, my book will be on the YWCA Marketplace supporting YWCA Hamilton’s Women Build Hamilton Campaign, click here for details. 50% of book proceeds purchased through this marketplace will support the #WomenBuildHamilton campaign. 

Local Stores: Westside Stories in Hamilton, Ontario, The Printed Word in Dundas, Ontario or Magic Pebble Book Store in Elora, Ontario.

Embracing Schizophrenia is my story of mental illness. My story is light and positive but at the same time shows the difficulties I experienced, and continue to face, in my recovery and my life. I called my book Embracing Schizophrenia because from the moment of my diagnosis, I embraced my illness.

I have embraced everything about myself – the good, the bad, the amazing and the awful. I see my illness as something amazing and beautiful – something to teach me, not just when I was ill, but every single day I am here and allowed to continue this journey.

My book includes reflections from my friends and family because I know mental illness affects everyone – my experience not only affected me, but everyone around me. These contributions offer insight for those supporting someone experiencing mental illness and may help anyone who feels alone in their illness understand that they are never truly alone.

With the net proceeds from the sale of the book, I plan to contribute to meaningful and honest work on the mental health system, mental health awareness and advocacy, and improving mental health in education.

The lotus means so much to me in my life and in writing this book. The lotus is a sacred plant with deep meaning, sometimes seen as a symbol of awakening. Every morning the flower re-blooms from the murky water. The lotus reminds me that every day you can re-emerge beautifully from the darkness into the sunlight. And always remember, every day is a chance to start over.

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