a little bit about me. part 2.

A little bit more about me…

I am naturally very shy. Have been since I was a kid.

I love debates.  I debated in university in some courses.  I loved hearing different opinions and looking at situations with a different set of eyes.  Seeing someone else’s point of view.

I believe two theories can be right at the exact same time.

I have a chem and math degree.  Those are separate.

I took electives in university that would teach me more about life.

I believe education is very important and can solve many things.  I believe in giving opportunities for education.

I am doing my part-time MBA in the fall while continuing to work.  However, I may not do this. I guess I have to have a chat with my illness.

I am extremely attentive.  I pay attention to everything. 

I like listening to stories that people tell and that have made them strong.

I believe in using our voices.  I only speak on issues that I have experienced in my life.  I don’t use my voice for issues I have not experienced because that is for the people who have experienced those issues.  Their voices need to be heard, not mine.

I set boundaries for many reasons.  Mostly to maintain my sanity.

I love being open about my illness.  I am open for many reasons.  One being to let people know that having a mental illness is okay and nothing is wrong with you if you do have a mental illness (I feel like this is a big inner misconception).

I know we are all built with strength and resilience.  I saw it in myself and I see it in everyone I meet.

I like life some days but not all days.

I am imperfect.  And love that I am full of flaws. 

I am not on this earth to prove anything to anyone.  I am here to be me.  And I am okay with that.

I feel like “a little bit about me” may be a series.   We are very complex, aren’t we?

2 thoughts on “a little bit about me. part 2.

  1. Love it. Thank you for sharing. We all have our own issues whether metal or physical or both. I have a lot of mental scars from my past. It is a struggle even after decades that have past.
    You can have it all. You are smart and beautiful but I understand that sometimes that’s not enough. Sometimes just talking it out helps

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