the way i feel

Sometimes I feel happy and then a second later I feel sad, and you know what, that is completely okay.  We are not always going to be happy all the time and we may feel happy one minute and then sad the next, and that is okay. 

Remember though, if you are deeply sad, thinking of suicide or feel you may need help, reach out to someone right away and talk about how you are feeling.  Suicide is never the answer.  I have posted some resources on my resources page.

The way I feel sometimes feeds into the way I write and the way I live my life.  One day I may write or feel a certain way and maybe the next day I will write or feel something completely different.  Maybe I even contradict myself sometimes.  And I have come to realize that sometimes there is no right or wrong way to do things.  I may think, feel or write one thing one day and the next day think, feel or write the complete opposite, and you know what, that is completely okay and maybe even a little amazing.  

I have accepted and acknowledged that sometimes I will feel the way I feel.  I may sometimes be happy and sometimes be sad and that is okay.  I am not going to be happy every single minute of every single day.  All that I know is that I keep moving forward and know that I will sometimes feel the way I feel and that is okay.

There is freedom in accepting and acknowledging that I can feel the way I feel sometimes.  I can be happy or sad or happy and sad at the exact same time and just love and embrace my feelings, even if they make no sense.

I think if we see our feelings and emotions as something to understand, embrace and love, instead of push away or hide deep inside, then maybe we all will be able to just feel the way we feel and accept and love ourselves the way we are.    

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