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Going to university with a mental illness (and even a physical illness) in the year 2001 is very different than going to university nowadays.  It is much better now but we do still have a long way to go.  Everyone has a tutor now.  I was never offered a tutor in my chem degree on an LOP. Maybe because on my LOP I got A’s and B’s in most of my classes, so they thought I did not need it.   My parents knew little about university, so it was me, on my own, with a mental illness, figuring it out.  Since the beginning of my illness in 2001 I have had concentration issues, my psychiatrist is and has been fully aware of this from the beginning.  With time I have been able to figure out how to manage my concentration issues (I am told I am a pretty good listener if that means anything).

On my LOP, I ended up taking more courses one semester and that is when I failed the one course and when an Academic Advisor told me I would never graduate.  You know what I did, I graduated.  I did not let one person determine my outcome or dissuade me from my goal.

So, I graduated.  If that is not determination, I do not know what is.  It took me 7 years after my breakdown to complete my degree, and I did it.  I was determined to get my first degree, and I did it, with no tutor, about 20% concentration, parents never involved, a serious mental illness and some accommodations.

And then, in 2010, I went back to school to get my four-year degree.  

I was admitted to a four-year degree in 2000 but because of my illness and because I was on an LOP, I was not allowed to do a four-year degree.  Long story.  Complicated story.  That would never happen nowadays.

My twenties did not include a four-year degree then building up my career and my network.  I would have liked the same opportunities as everyone else, but I did not get that.  Even though I do not have the same work experience as most people my age, I have a lot more life experience than most people my age and even older, which to me, is valuable.  I have a unique outlook on life, sure I work, I try to succeed, but in someways, I know this world makes absolutely no sense, so you cannot take it too seriously all the time.  I take my charity work and mental illness and mental health advocacy very serious at all times, but the rest of the stuff is just noise to me.  I would say more but I do not want to trigger anyone.

Life is not all about success, the pursuit of money and even the pursuit of happiness. Sometimes maybe it is just about being a decent person, treating people right and spreading joy and love wherever you go.  I feel lucky and blessed that the universe did not agree with my plan, because I might not be the person I am today, and I would not have the perspective on life that so many lack.  Life gave me a different perspective and a better perspective and maybe, the perspective we all need.

8 thoughts on “a little more info…

  1. Merry Christmas Samantha and God Bless. Very inspirational. If you touch the life of only one person who reads your blog you have blessed them. 🙏🙏


  2. Hey Samantha, I just read your story. Very inspirational!! You will be able to help a lot of people based on your experiences. Have a great 2021!

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