there is a story behind why i love running and golfing.

Before you start any new fitness regimen or any new sport, please talk to your doctor and/or health professional.

When you are so lost and you don’t think or know what will happen to you or if you will ever be okay again, you would probably latch on to something that makes you feel better.  For me, running, golf and health and fitness were what brought me back to this world.  You might think that is a strong statement, but for me, it’s true.

When I was in the worst of my illness, my parents and doctors kept telling me, exercise Samantha, please just walk, run, do anything.  And of course, I did not listen or completely understand what they were saying.  Ten years of my life happened without me truly being in this world.  I heard them but I did not really hear them.

This brings us to the story of my journey with running and golf.

What my mother went through taking care of me was difficult on her.  Sometimes she needed a break, but she could not leave me at home.  She would golf with her friends and I would come along with her and sit in the cart and watch them play golf.  I remember sitting in the cart with her not really sure where I was or what I was doing there, but it was nice to get some fresh air.  Then slowly my mom got me to take golf lessons.  And before you know it, I was golfing.  That is why this sport is so dear to me.  Because sitting in that cart, I was so lost, I was so broken, and I did not ever know if I would be okay gain, but the universe and God gave me direction in those moments of watching my mom and her friends play golf.  Golf is an amazing sport and when I started playing, I began to understand what my doctors and parents kept telling me.  

Exercise will make you feel better and it did. 

And then onto running.   I never in a million years thought that golf and running would help me this much, but both did. 

My mom always said, Sam just go for a jog, it will help you, trust me.  I never really listened to her but eventually I did listen, and I could not believe how good I felt after that jog.  I jogged for a bit then I started to run.  And runners high started to kick in and eventually I started to race.  I again began to understand what my doctors and parents meant about exercise and I am thankful every single day to my doctors and parents for this and for continuing to tell me to exercise.  

I struggled for so long and then I finally was able to see what was behind what everyone was saying to me about running and golfing, it will make you feel better and it did.

When you find something that makes you feel better and helps you manage your illness, you hold on to it, and that is what I did with these two sports.  I know the feeling I feel after I run or golf.  My whole moods changes within minutes.  And because I know this, that’s why I love these two sports so much, they are dear to me because of the story of how I started, but they are also dear to me because they have helped me manage my illness and have a pretty good recovery.

Many people do say to me well I can’t run what should I do, and I tell them running works for me, but walking is just as beneficial, so walk.   If you can’t run, try to walk.  Most races are run and walk races, so if you want to even go a little further, sign up for a run/walk race (all are virtual now which I still love) and walk the 5K.  

I have shared with you why I love running and golfing.  I do hope if you are struggling you find something like what I have found with these two sports, because I am grateful every single day for what running and golfing has done for my life and my recovery.  

I will golf and run forever, and I will never forget what these two sports gave to me in the worst times of my life.  And I will be forever grateful to my parents and everyone at St. Joes Cleghorn Program for always telling me to exercise. Because it will make you feel better Samantha, and it did…

10 thoughts on “there is a story behind why i love running and golfing.

  1. Great post Samantha, I see you golf and if you did more you would always score better than Mom and I, you have a great swing that could hit the ball over 250 yards, amazing.

    Your running, here you are a natural, marathons, thriathlons,

    I saw first hand how they have helped you get back into life and the world,

    Love you,

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  2. Thank you for posting this story Samantha, it is very inspiring to anyone who suffers mental illness. We only want the best for our family members and I am very happy for you and your family that this outlet works to help you manage such a difficult health problem. My daughter also struggles with mental health and has found running and exercise a big help on this journey to a better life.
    Love to you and your family Samantha and hoping everyone is well!
    Laurie Masciovecchio

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  3. Like you, Golf saved my life during rough, tough, and dark times! I will be forever grateful to golf for giving me hope, resilience, and just a good mental break from life! You are an inspiration! Thank you for sharing.

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