bit more about me

I find some think that because I am open with my illness that I want to be in the spotlight or have the attention.  It’s a bit of a misconception.  If you remember, I am naturally shy.  I prefer to be at home, where I feel comfortable and safe.  I like my introverted qualities to be honest.

I do speak openly about mental health, exercise and our family and friends’ charity, maybe some other things too.  But I also do not share everything.

If you have encountered me and I am awkward, it’s because I am awkward. 

I am always nervous about new situations and meeting new people.  I analyze every single part of what I do after I have a conversation.  I have a, I guess you can call it, unique mind.  Maybe like many others.

I do not like being the centre of attention at all.  Yes, I speak publicly and openly, but there are reasons behind why I do what I do.

I speak openly and lead by example only to show you that it can be done.  You can survive mental illness like I did.  I believe it’s possible.  I do believe though that learning about mental illness at a young age, to know the signs prior to spiralling, is key.  It would have helped me greatly.

I also feel like there isn’t enough taught at a young age.   I feel like sometimes we try to protect our children by not telling them about this scary world, but I don’t know if that’s right.  When I was young, I wish I knew more about this world and how to protect myself.

Our character is most likely developed at a young age, so why do we wait to teach about the world.  

And this world is a difficult place sometimes, I wish it wasn’t.  Surviving this world though is possible, not easy, but possible.

Speaking openly on my experience with mental illness wasn’t a choice for me.  I didn’t choose to speak openly.  It was chosen for me.   I never made a decision.  It wasn’t an option.  No conversation was had.  I just did it and knew it was the right thing to do.  

And just because I speak openly, it doesn’t mean you have to.  If you are not ready, that is fine and if you are never ready, that is fine too. 

All I need you to know is that you can survive what this world throws at you, trust me, I have been thrown many things, and it has just made me want to fight more.

2 thoughts on “bit more about me

  1. Samantha,

    Wow what a great post and you are Bang on once again, This world is not easy, but I know for a fact that you are a fighter and survivor, I see it every day, Love, Sam

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