we all go to dark places

My mind goes to dark places.  Maybe it is my mind that brings me to these dark places or maybe it is something else.  All I know is that I need to remind myself that what I am thinking will eventually pass.

Are we supposed to be positive and happy all the time?  Does this world expect us to be positive and happy all the time? Or is this belief that we should be constantly happy and positive coming from within ourselves?  

We are one hundred percent not happy and positive all the time.  For some reason, we think we have to be happy and positive all the time or we think we should not go to or share those dark places. 

A part of me believes that we expect ourselves to be perfect. That there is this invisible standard of perfection against which we measure ourselves. 

There is a saying I have always loved and I have also always wondered if true.

“We all have three faces. A face that we show the world, another that we show our family and friends, and a third that only we see and know.”

My third face is my authentic face and my truth, and I share with you my truth, for many reasons, one of those being to let you know that you will be okay, even in all the darkness, in all the fear, in all the awfulness, I need you to know that you will be okay.

I want people to know that you can go to dark places and then you can come out of the dark places, and that going to dark places is okay and sharing dark places is okay too.

My mental illness and even my life has brought me to many dark places.  I know that what I feel will pass, and maybe the darkness will come back, but again, it will pass.  And I always remember that it is entirely okay to feel negative, scared, dark and unhappy sometimes. 

We may think that something is wrong with us if we are ever negative, dark, afraid or unhappy.  However, what you need to know is that there is nothing wrong with you, and there is nothing wrong with me.

Showing my authenticity and truth has been very freeing for me and if the saying is true, I hope one day we will all feel comfortable sharing our third face.

5 thoughts on “we all go to dark places

  1. I love the point of the “three faces”. I’ve dealt will anxiety and depression and that saying sums it all. Well put. Very thought provoking

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  2. Very well said Samantha. Thanks for being honest and sharing. We all go through different struggles throughout our life and we always think we’re the only ones experiencing it. Blessings

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