eat happy and enjoy the run

Disordered eating is a difficult subject for me.  I have been on this journey for a few years.  I think the issue for me is that I sometimes am not honest with myself or I do not truly understand what I am going through.

The past six months I had a lot of triggers and began eating a lot less.  I was actually starving myself some days.  I knew I was starving myself and I knew it was unhealthy, yet I still did it.   I knew I needed to eat more, especially with all of the exercising I do, and yet for some reason my mind told me otherwise.

If you are struggling with disordered eating or any form of an eating disorder, please talk to someone, talk to a trusted family member, a trusted friend, a peer supporter, or a trusted health professional.  You can recover from this and truly heal your mind and your body with time.   And if you plan to change anything in regards to your nutrition or fitness, I recommend speaking to a trusted nutrition, fitness or health professional.

I have come to learn that when it comes to health and fitness, you have to do what feels right for you.  I have been told so many things in my journey, and what I have concluded for my journey is, that I want to properly nourish my mind and my body.  And in my opinion, every single person has the right to choose their own journey when it comes to their own body.  

I started working with a fitness expert and I was hesitant at first.   When I began with him, he recommended that I eat more, which I knew was right, but I could not get myself to do that on my own the past few months.  I currently now eat a lot more and I knew deep down that I needed to eat more, I just needed help.  I am also not super strict, if I want to have cake, a donut or some pizza I have it, but I mostly eat whole natural foods. 

I began to strength train as well, and I am actually surprised at how much I love to strength train.   And of course, one of my goals is around running.  I want to run a 25:30 5K, the time I ran years ago when I was eating right for my mind and my body.  I have not told my fitness person this yet, but I plan to run a second marathon next November… 

I will continue to develop and work on a positive relationship with food and remind myself that I can handle any and all triggers that come my way.  I will continue to nourish my mind and my body and feed my mind and body what it needs.  And in my journey, I will always remember to stay healthy, eat happy and enjoy the run.

3 thoughts on “eat happy and enjoy the run

  1. The body can achieve what the mind will believe. You are 100% on the right track and you will definitely meet all of your goals. Be strong and keep doing what you believe in. You are an inspiration. 🙏

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