i have bad days. don’t we all.

I have bad days.  Don’t we all. 

My bad days can be tough.  Sometimes I just want to curl up in my bed and not talk to anyone and not deal with life.   Those days, I do get up, go on my computer, go for a run, go to work, have dinner, watch shows and go about my day like every other day.   It is difficult sometimes to live in a world that expects us not to acknowledge the bad days.  Everyone has them, for some reason we don’t talk about them, when in fact, we probably should.

On my bad days my anxiety is high, my mind talks to me in circles, and all I want to do is go home and cry from the madness, and sometimes my tears do come earlier and in the middle of my day when I least expect them.  What I do on bad days is I go about my day, I get up, go on my computer, go for a run, go to work, come home, have dinner, watch a show or shows and go to bed early and hope the high anxiety, the circling mind, the stress and all the madness will maybe be a little lighter and a little easier tomorrow.  This is usually what works for me.  

Bad days are bad days, we can learn from them, live with them, and move on from them.  I think maybe the bad days sometimes remind me of the good days.   And maybe the good days make me think that I won’t have any bad days.  

I’ve learned that there will always be bad days, we all have them even if we don’t talk about them.  All we can do is try to get through them, learn from them and move on from them and hope tomorrow our day will be a little bit easier, and if tomorrow is still difficult, remember that you can get through the bad days, it might not be pretty and it might not be easy, but I truly believe we can all get through those difficult days. 

And if you do have a bad day or bad days, remember that the bad days might teach us a little bit about life or maybe the bad days remind us that in all the badness there is always a little bit of goodness that may come from everything difficult we go through.

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