being open

Being open was not a choice for me.  Some may think or say I made this choice or I had a choice, but I did not.  It was a little bit more like the decision was already made for me, I could not see my life any differently.  I knew deep down that being open was the only option for me.  I did not want to hide what I went through, I wanted to share it in hopes to help others.

I am open for so many reasons.   And one day I will eventually go into all of those reasons.

I love talking openly about my experience and will continue to share my story probably until I cannot share my story anymore. 

I think the main reason why I am open is because I do not want anyone to experience what I experienced.  I wish my experience with mental illness upon no one.  If I could possibly prevent someone from going through what I went through in the beginning, that is why I do this.  I want people to get help early, to not spiral like I spiralled.  If only someone told me about mental illness and that I might need help early on, maybe things would have been different for me.

There was no discussion if I should be open or not, I just did it.  Not everyone understands my openness, and maybe some judge it, but I know I am doing what is right and what is needed.

Being open may also be one of the reasons why my recovery is so successful.  I am not really sure of this, but I do know that being open has made me understand my illness a lot better and understand that everyone struggles in their lives, not just me, and everyone sometimes needs to hear someone else’s struggles to understand their own.  

Sharing my story opened a whole different world for me, a world that I understand a lot better because of my openness.

You might say I chose this, but I one hundred percent did not.  Sharing my experience openly was determined for me way before I even knew I needed to share my story.  I am a much stronger and better person because of being open and I would not have my life any other way.  

4 thoughts on “being open

  1. Samantha, I believe there is a reason for your openness and experience. You have given hope to a lot of people dealing with mental illness, by being open and sharing your story, well done my beautiful Daughter, helping others in this world is something we should all do.


  2. Interesting post, in that the thesis you present behind being open nets a result of helping both others and oneself. At least that is how I read it.

    I think you have something here. On the whole, once one gets over the initial hesitation of being open, it seems like less energy is spent being open and transparent about issues versus handling them in isolation. Not to mention, that by sharing one’s experience, that sharing provides the great benefit of being an example to others. I’ll correlate your idea to the difference in effort required to put a frown on one’s face versus a smile. It takes more muscles to frown, therefore more energy. Might as well smile I guess 🙂

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