oh did you think I cared…

By far my favourite question that everyone asks me is,

Don’t you care what people will think of you?

And my favourite response is and will always be, people will judge me no matter what I do, so I mines well just do what I want. 

So the title of my blog post this week is, “Oh did you think I cared…” because basically I don’t care what people think of me, I don’t care because I choose to not judge people, that is how I want to live my life, judgement free, and so if people want to judge me, I don’t really care because I know the best way to go through life is to not judge people.

I always tell people, the only person you should worry about is yourself, sure I am not perfect and can get caught up in judging some days, however since I choose to learn and grow as a person, I keep trying to be better.  I try to not talk about people and I never make fun of anyone, no matter what.  And I feel like this is the best way to live your life, judgement free. 

So do I care what you think?  No.  Should you care that I don’t care what you think?  No, but that’s up to you.  Every time someone asks me the questions it reminds me that I want to strive to be a better person, each and every day.  That I want to continue to grow and learn as a person and grow and learn as a person with a mental illness.  I want to understand people rather than condemn them.

My illness made me a little bit of who I am, so speaking openly about it was the best option, and I truly think that by being open about it, it helped me and hopefully has helped others. 

Live your life judgement free and you may find a little bit of peace, it doesn’t mean you have to be open about your illness, it means to go through life trying to not judge others, there’s a freeing about it and a sense of fulfillment in allowing everyone to be themselves, with absolutely no judgement.

2 thoughts on “oh did you think I cared…

  1. Amen Samantha and thanks for sharing. I fight the urge every day to be non judgemental of others. As Jesus once said..how can you judge a man with a sliver in his eye when you ignore the plank stuck in yours. Words to live by 🙏🙏

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