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I find some think that because I am open with my illness that I want to be in the spotlight or have the attention.  It’s a bit of a misconception.  If you remember, I am naturally shy.  I prefer to be at home, where I feel comfortable and safe.  I like my introverted qualities to be honest.

I do speak openly about mental health, exercise and our family and friends’ charity, maybe some other things too.  But I also do not share everything.

If you have encountered me and I am awkward, it’s because I am awkward. 

I am always nervous about new situations and meeting new people.  I analyze every single part of what I do after I have a conversation.  I have a, I guess you can call it, unique mind.  Maybe like many others.

I do not like being the centre of attention at all.  Yes, I speak publicly and openly, but there are reasons behind why I do what I do.

I speak openly and lead by example only to show you that it can be done.  You can survive mental illness like I did.  I believe it’s possible.  I do believe though that learning about mental illness at a young age, to know the signs prior to spiralling, is key.  It would have helped me greatly.

I also feel like there isn’t enough taught at a young age.   I feel like sometimes we try to protect our children by not telling them about this scary world, but I don’t know if that’s right.  When I was young, I wish I knew more about this world and how to protect myself.

Our character is most likely developed at a young age, so why do we wait to teach about the world.  

And this world is a difficult place sometimes, I wish it wasn’t.  Surviving this world though is possible, not easy, but possible.

Speaking openly on my experience with mental illness wasn’t a choice for me.  I didn’t choose to speak openly.  It was chosen for me.   I never made a decision.  It wasn’t an option.  No conversation was had.  I just did it and knew it was the right thing to do.  

And just because I speak openly, it doesn’t mean you have to.  If you are not ready, that is fine and if you are never ready, that is fine too. 

All I need you to know is that you can survive what this world throws at you, trust me, I have been thrown many things, and it has just made me want to fight more.

6 thoughts on “bit more about me

  1. Samantha,

    Wow what a great post and you are Bang on once again, This world is not easy, but I know for a fact that you are a fighter and survivor, I see it every day, Love, Sam

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  2. I so admire you Sam for being open about your illness. Many people probably continue to struggle with this same Illness but refuse to admit it or get help. We all struggle in one way or another and we never know what others are going through unless they choose to talk about it and ask for help. Life isn’t easy but when we help ourselves and ask for help from others we learn we are not alone in our struggles. People care! Thanks for sharing and pray for your continuous recovery❤️‍🩹

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  3. Great post!! I speak openly about my schizophrenia with as many people as possible myself, and I even preached at my church a sermon on my schizophrenia and mental health justice to 800 people. I totally believe you’re on a great path. I just bought your book this morning and had to read the whole thing in one day it was so good! I wrote a 5 star review on Amazon that should get through soon! Im so glad there’s more blogs here to read on your website too! Have a great day 🙂

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