I always love when people say to me, “Oh my goodness, your food touched meat.”  So yes, it is fine if you are a vegan or vegetarian and do not like when your food touches meat.  I respect that.  It’s a personal choice. 

However, I was vegetarian in I think 1998.  I would go to a restaurant and say, “Sorry I am a vegetarian, what are my options.” And I would get the long stare.  “You can have a salad.”  Oh right, all I eat are vegetables.  Fun times being a vegetarian back in the day. 

If you like meat and choose to eat meat, I respect that.  It’s your personal choice for your mind, body and soul.  Honestly, you can eat a huge steak in front of me and I do not flinch.  Again, it’s a personal choice.  Just like my decision to be vegetarian is the right choice for me.

I first became a vegetarian around 1998 because I wanted to save animals.  And to this day that is my main reason.  I never really understood why we eat meat.  I believe all living beings are equal to me and I have no power over them.  That includes living animals. 

I started eating chicken again when I became ill because I was told the protein would be more nutritious for my mind.  Then I stopped eating chicken for the main reason I stopped eating meat in the first place.  I feel better with my place in the universe being a vegetarian.  I eat eggs and dairy sometimes, never ate fish.  I go between vegan and vegetarian a lot.  I also have no idea what lobster tastes like.  And I don’t remember what meat tastes like.  I stopped craving meat a very long time ago. 

I am also a vegetarian because of health reasons.  I’ve been told being a vegetarian is quite good for your health.  I have always wondered if being a vegetarian helped my recovery.  I am not recommending this route.  I suggest talking to a professional before changing your diet.  To be a vegetarian you need to eat a certain way to keep your vitamin levels and nutrients on point.

I remember when I first became a vegetarian, I looked at what I was eating and was sad about hurting another living being.  Also, when I first became a vegetarian, I ate a piece of salami and then looked at it and realized that I am a vegetarian.  Thought that was funny!

I will probably be a vegetarian for the rest of my life.  This is a personal choice for my body, mind and soul, and I respect everyone’s choice on what they would like to eat. But please, don’t tell me to eat salad.  I like good food too.  Just not the type you need to hurt another living being for.  

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